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picture of the psychotherapist who offers CBT and IPT psychotherapy online and face to face in North London

Barbara Pizl
CBT/IPT Psychotherapist

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About me
and my approach to therapy

I have been a fully accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy psychotherapist since 2016, and IPT Therapist since 2021, although I have been using CBT to help people with mental health issues since 2012. Before setting-up in private practice I worked for the NHS for 11 years which remains the backbone of my work. ​

I practice as a CBT Therapist in Crouch End, but I also offer online sessions in English, French and Polish.

I believe that therapy is about helping people to build the courage to reach out for what matters to them the most. It’s about repairing things that have gone wrong in the past, breaking unhelpful behavioural patterns, learning skills to manage difficult emotions and treating yourself with more compassion. 


My therapy is guided by your values (what matters to you the most), your goals (what you want to achieve), your strengths (using your resources to achieve more), and your experiences. It may be that you need help unpicking and understanding these drives and it’s something we can explore together. 


Sessions revolve around individual needs and are collaboratively designed to help clients live happier and more fulfilled lives. 


Sessions are carefully tailored and can involve a variety of therapeutic techniques including CBT, IPT, ACT, CFT and mindfulness. The key is finding what works for each client. 

I offer sessions in Haelan Clinic, in Crouch End, and online (video sessions).


I specialise in treatment of PTSD, trauma, low self esteem and depression.

I also help people who experience anxiety disorders (social anxiety, health anxiety, panic and OCD). However, my approach is not only about the alleviation of symptoms but about helping people to live happy and fulfilling lives, in line with what is truly important to them.

If you are considering therapy you can book your initial free phone consultation here. You may also find some helpful information in the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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